[Investigating] Game hangs on level up (Xbox)

Just leveled up for the first time in 6.6 and experienced a weird infinite hang.

The game presented a choice of two elements to level up as normal. After selecting one, I got the background screen for several seconds, then oddly I got presented a choice of two different elements to level up. I selected one again, got the background screen again, and at this point the game seemed completely stuck. After several minutes I killed and restarted the game so I could continue to the next battle.

That happens with Vault Keys too

Actually something similar is happening to me on PS5 since the recent update.
After a PVP battle, it wouldn’t progress past the victory screen. After clicking “continue” or whatever that button is called, it would show nothing but the background. After waiting a while and hitting buttons, it took me back to the reward screen. Endless loop. Have to exit the game and restart.

Right now, I just finished an adventure battle and I’m stuck on the victory screen. Clicking “continue” makes the loading gems show up for a second, and then nothing happens. I can open up chat, but can’t do anything else. (In this case, the victory screen isn’t disappearing at all)

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