[Investigating] Consort of Darkness Spell % incorrect?

Platform, device version and operating system: XBOX

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I am playing through some Raid Boss Sigils. My team is (Anointed Champions, Consort of Darkness, +10 Doomed Ring, Mother of Darkness) (Mechanist Class). Out of the gate, my CoD has. 58% slay. Each time I use the ring it goes up (70%, 82%, 94%). When I use at these rates it SEEMS to work as follows

58% - almost never
70% - rarely
82% - usually
94% - almost always

I feel it should reflect the following

58% - more than half
70% - more often than not
82% - almost always
94% - always

Could be that I feel a rejection more painfully due to the expectations I listed not really having a foundation in any realistic mathematical probabilistic reality, that it’s simply just what I WANT.

Could be that I feel a rejection more painfully because it reminds me of high school…

But I just think that I should have way more hits than misses in the 58% to 70% range

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

I’ve really only tested in this particular game mode.

Steps to make it happen again

Of course now that I’ve brought the car in the shop (actually typing on the forum), I am now getting a few more hits at 58%. I really wish I was keeping track and had actual data to give you, but it was a bad enough run to compel me to mention it. There could be a lot of variables at play here… if I test it and find anything else out I’ll reply.

Have you met our god and goddess probability theory?

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Right, it could be 50% chance and still never hit for infinite iterations.

Can’t they monitor and adjust as necessary like the casinos have to?

I just mention, because it could be a case where the game is showing one number but using another.

Consort of darkness is one of the worst mythics, just don’t use it?