[Investigating] Class Trial lost extra turn

Platform, device version and operating system:
Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android Version 9.0
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I made a match 3 which resulted in a match 4. But wasn’t awarded the extra turn.
In the SS you can see the 6 gold awarded from the match 4 on my first turn of the match. As well as what the AI generated Mana wise on their fraudulent turn. I’m using Tier 3 worth of potions.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It’s been a while and I’m not going to hunt down the original report of such an occurrence happening in Class Trials. But I know for a fact it’s happened before.

Steps to make it happen again
Recreate the circumstances seen above (I cannot) as well as…
Have an almost cross shaped gem alignment of 3 different Mana colors.
In the middle of the cross have it layed out that when doing a match 3. The removal of the middle gem results in a match 4 cascade.

It’s worth noting that this issue existed prior to any changes on how extra turns register during events at the start of the match.

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Hey, I’ve tested this and still earnt my extra turn.

I used a pattern like this (if this little diagram makes ANY sense at all), where the X Gems are the ones I used for the 3 match:


Do you remember which Talents you had equipped?

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That’s not a cross shape. :grinning:
I was using Archmagus and it happened on the first match I believe so the talents were this.

:gem_brown: :gem_brown: :gem_blue::gem_brown:
:gem_brown: :gem_brown: :gem_blue::gem_brown:
:gem_red: :gem_red: :gem_green: :gem_red:
:gem_brown: :gem_brown: :gem_blue: :gem_brown:
:gem_brown: :gem_brown: :gem_blue: :gem_brown:

I don’t remember the exact colors but in the example you match the red to have the blue fall for an extra turn. It has be the first turn of the match probably as soon as humanly possible.
The brown gems can be any color except blue or red.

I’ll try that pattern too with those Talents equipped. I also did it after the potions exploded and created a 4 match for extra luck. It also looks like you have the Plaguebearer Talent equipped so I’ve added that too.

Edit edit: yeah that didn’t work either. Thinking outloud: possibly due to playing on 4x speed with graphics quality set to mythic on mobile (near impossible to reproduce, but maybe we can see something in the back end). Will mark this as investigating again

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DId you just say that playing at 4x can cause bugs like skipped actions?

So keep it as this moving forward then?

And I’ll be able to keep my extra turns?

We’re investigating this issue and don’t know what caused it at all at this stage.

I wouldn’t worry about your animation speed setting, we’ve never had issues with that as far as I remember.