Invasions are a game now

… Just like any other weekend event.
Therefore they should be included in the “Games” section. There’s even room for it already.


It was my understanding that they would still be guild events, and thus they are still on the guild window. The next Invasion should overlap with “Council of Chiefs”.

Makes me actually wonder if Guild Wars will be rotated out of the display (thus being unable to see last guild wars scores until it comes back on the bottom) since there are only room for 4 slots and weekend Guild events take up some of these slots?


If they weren’t already planning to put it here then they should. If there’s an active pet rescue how would you start it?

If we’re gonna talk about things that are games, how about things that aren’t games?

I lost patience over the “Soulforge game” years ago.

What the sith is this doing here? Why is it still here?


This was discussed on the preview stream and they said that Guild Wars would always be visible for just this reason.

“GW always show at bottom unless the current event. Other 3 events rotate on the menu with most recently completed hidden.” is what my notes say from the stream.


So some of these events will be not guild oriented… It will be strange to have in the Guild menu :thinking:.

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