Invasion Weekend: Knight (Nintendo Switch)

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Returning Invasion Troop: Sir Ebonheart Sir Ebonheart has returned to lead Knights during this weekend’s Invasion. You can get them from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: Ebon’s Hammer This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge. Please note that some of the Social Collectibles that…

Knights, eh? Here’s my pickup team then:

  • Summer Knight
  • Guardian of the Fields
  • Arcanus (Dispel + Enchant)
  • Rakshanin (Stealthy, damage scales by enemy Life)

Summer Knight and Guardian of the Fields tagteam spells to put Barriers on everybody, while Arcanus and Rakshanin tagteam the DPS in that order. I forgot where I left Sir Ebonheart…