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Invasion Towers

Invasion Towers are immune to Mana stealing correct?
If yes, can someone let the devs know please.


What? Do you really think they would release a troop for a game mode where it is completely useless for that game mode? yes


Don’t know why they would start this :stuck_out_tongue:


Obviously the intention is that it’s a troop that can be widely used outside Invasions. Because it’s so good. And not clearly rubbish. Oh…


I knew the last Invasions troop was too good to be true. :persevere:

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You can drain or steal from towers no?



Mana drain Is not the same as mana steal … Its different status … Tower Is imune to mana drain So mana steal Is working

Pretty sure you are wrong. Mana Shield prevents both Mana Drain and Mana Steal. Towers have the same thing bolted in.image

I’m pretty sure it’s “Mana Steal” = “Mana Drain” + “Gain the mana drained”. You drain nothing, you gain nothing.

Towers can be mana burned. Mab worked fine on them.

So I would say since it doesn’t specifically say Mana Steal (like it does Mana Drain), that the power will work fine.

It is not the first time the event enemies have immunity to the event troop.

It’s not a mistake, it’s poor design. I like it better when they have “no particular advantage” rather than “can’t even use their traits/abilities”.

Entangling the Towers was fun. /s

We’re also supposedly getting a Godslayer with “Silence the adjacent enemies.” … which will only hit one enemy if its aimed at the boss lol.