Invasion Team (Monster)


anyone willing to share teambuilds for this weeks invasion?
I’m not really good at building teams this week. The first levels worked pretty well with

Titan Dawnbringer
+two random troops

It’s quite fast with damage to all enemies, but it’s not really a good team.
What are you guys working with?

My Stage 8 team has been Trickster’s Shot, Sharptooth, Scylla, Pyggra. I’m currently on tower level 110.

I keep it simple.
Sharptooth, sharptooth, rope dart/thief, sharptooth.

The main advantage is that all 3 sharptooth get enraged after 1st tower is death. One rope dart fire+1 sharptooth skull match=1 killed tower.

(Up in 100-ish level towers now. Lost just once so far, to a fully AI favorable board).

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Tricksters Shot
Arachanean Weaver
Currently on level 100

Sharptooth (traited)
Green Slime
Doomed Crossbow (Sunspear)

Fang Moor/Saurus banner

It’s explosive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grin:. May very well switch to 2x Sharptooth if I buy another Tier, removing the Crossbow. Banner is for the Crossbow, so would switch to Glacial Peak/Frozen banner, probably. Currently at level ~90.

Marsh Raptor
Class: Assassin.
All troops fully traited
Advantage in having Scorpius: he makes sharptooth every turn stronger.


A cheap team you can use for this event without needing Mythics and weapons you may not have access.

The class i’m is not relevant in this case, i’m just gaining Class XP for Warpriest’s talents.

Glaycion helps converting new blue gems for Crystal Axe, but i don’t need it a lot and Settite Warrior just deals with barriers, Sharptooth alone can finish off two or three towers if you are lucky with gaining the mana back.


I’m trying

Crystal Axe (Titan)
Arachnean Weaver

now. It works ok, but Crystal Axe is really not the best mana genereator since there is no mosnter hero class. Arachnean Weaver is only used for mana generation when enemies have low life, but there might be a better option in that place. Glaycion also does not work that well since Crystal Axe fills the board with colors not used by Glaycion.

Green Slime might work somewhere in that team, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Titan on the other hand works quite well (except the missing monster). Barrier helps a lot (especially with gifting the enemy all the match 4s from crystal axe) and more brown mana is really nice for Sharptooth.

To be fair Sharpy is so OP (at least if traited and mythic) that doesnt matter much what you use, lvl 105 atm and he 1 hit with a 3 skull match a full armor/hp Bastion tower…

Now i swapped to my beloved Yasmine pride but until not long ago used Sharphy, Jar of eyes, Behemoth and Pyggra.

I just hope we will never get him in delve/tod teams lol, a troop that can get back to full mana AND get extra turn at same time would be lame as “censure” there.


I think the best combo is Glaycion + Green Slime, plus the really OP siegebreaker Sharpy and whatever weapon you like. I’m using Rope Dart with the three troops and all the way fine to 110-ish for now.

Hi from Spain, i will share my team in action , i am not youtuber, and vid has 1 minute duration no audio, thanks.

Crystal Axe

Tower level 144 with 400+ towers destroyed.

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