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Invasion mode is extremely cheaty! Who agrees?

The invasion mode is SO cheaty. The ai seems to get non stop skull and Mana matches for it’s color. Several people in my guild are saying the same thing, so i doubt it’s a coincidence. Who else is noticing this??
All that aside, invasion is just not a fun mode. I loved boss raid. You had to work your way to the boss. Even if you didn’t defeat the boss you got dmg progress. Invasion mode has no gimmick or special features. It’s just fight some enemies and 2 of them are towers.

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Now that just sounds krazy!


The luck factor for the AI does seem more crazy than normal. But I see it more in PvP than Invasions.
90% of what you just said is wrong though. And seems trolly in nature… As in posting the exact opposite thoughts of the majority of the community just to generate a response.
I just realized you aren’t even past stage 6 yet. Good luck.


Are you a lower level player and in a guild with lower level players? I’m 1,224 and occasionally lose my top troop but that’s about it. All cards mythic and maxed sure does help.

What team are you using?


I’m not sure how I lost my matches. Either Forest Guardian didn’t give barrier or true damage went right past it but I’ve only lost 3 out of about 60, so I think as others have said, it’s way less cheaty than PVP. Maybe I’ve just had really good luck but I’ve found it to be way more fun than other modes–I win a lot, but in challenging matches.


I am almost level 1200, my tower killer card is legendary, others are mythic, all fully traited. I have won every single battle thus far and lost my tower killer card 2 times.

I changed my name in game… to lazy to bother in forums…

I like Invasions sooooo much more then raid boss, this is actual strategy and game play rather then raid boss and his barrier ignoring one shot kill of any troop.


On ps4 first place will likely be at 1000 damage today, I’ll screen shot later. I took 1st last week and won’t be bothering again.

This week I’ve actually enjoyed playing switching between pvp and explore. My guild is doing a great job working together and we’ll hit all the tasks for invasions.

Great work Nemesis!!


Invasions bugged on me today where forest guardian didn’t barrier all troops, missing my first troop. Thankfully I still managed to win :+1:


This kind of cascade luck has been a common complaint about the AI as long as I’ve played.

I don’t really think GoW is unique here. I played the OG Puzzle Quest when it came out, and cascades were part of why I never finished it. Every PQ-style match 3 I’ve played has had “the AI cheats!” as its #1 complaint.

The math behind the probabilities of cascades and skull matches is extremely complex and beyond my kin. I think even most stats people would rather observe thousands of games and use that as data than try to calculate a probability.

In the end, we have a bit of a cognitive imbalance in how we perceive things because of the “speed of thought”. The CPU, in our eyes, picks its moves at roughly the same speed whether it has only 1 choice or 10 choices. But when we get in a tight spot and only have an obvious bad move, we spend more time analyzing the board to see if we’ve missed something. Or if we have multiple moves to make, we’ll spend more time to decide which is the best. This repeats after cascades.

So we have a problem. The CPU appears to effortlessly glide through the boards, getting match after match after match. But we have to struggle with the board, and even if we get 8 turns in a row, the time between each move has an impact on our mind: we think we get fewer turns.

The RNG can be manipulated to make cascades more or less likely. I’ve played games where the “skyfall” was always guaranteed to be organized in a certain checkerboard pattern that was likely to cap cascades at a certain level. Even so, in that game cascades up to 6 and 8 were common.

My personal opinion is free turns are evil. They don’t do anything but make players upset.


But how can a tower attack me? It’s just a tower!!!


I have no issues with this in Invasion. In fact, I like it miles better than raids in that when the opposing team gets cascades in the higher levels it isn’t instant game over - at least for me. Part of that is Forest Guardian is a beast (ha ha I crack myself up), but still in raids it was much more in favor of the other side. After level 400 I had to constantly sacrifice my first troop to death mark and skulls or risk Zuul powering up and ending the match :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously, I think we’ll get a better sense of the event when it’s not a Type that can start 50% mana and barrier everyone while doing board control.

Like Merfolks.
Wait, is there 4 Mefolks? (or is the plural Merfies?)


I’m using Kerberos, merlion, sun bird, and Pegasus. I just kind of threw together some of my best beasts :-/
And i have never complained about “cheating” ever, despite Cascades, because the luck seems to come and go. But like i said it seems like out of no where it’s an issue in invasion. Lots of people in my alliance agree. Guess it’s not an issue tho. And i guess I’m alone in that i loved raid boss. I think there community likes this better because raid used a relatively new species so they didn’t have the cards and they have a ton of op beasts already for invasion.


You should be using forest guardian my friend, starts all beasts off with half mana.


Thanks I’ll give him a go and see if using him and maybe some other monsters helps.


I’m running stone shaker, hellcat, dawnbringer, forest guardian, but if no dB, just use another stone shaker.

Dragon banner.

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Agreed, beasts is an easy week to start with and no doubt will get harder with other types. Divine next would be nice :+1:


Next Invasion troop type will be… Elemental


I’ve noticed its a little too lucky myself. Though, it doesn’t help it any. Since I just use : Stone-Shaker, Forest Guardian, Aurora, Fenrir. It may or will be different with other troop types and it still doing this. We shall see.

There’s no cheating. It’s all RNG…