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Invasion (Grosh-Nak)

Hi everyone it’s monday and monday mean new event.Tthis week it’s invasion time, let’s share some team ideas

I just started and i will try

Drake rider
Earth’s Fury

What about you?


Probably going to change drake rider for another Vor’Kan when i will fight 4x tower


Okay finally reached 4x tower stage
I changed drak rider for another vot’kan and for now it working really well

I use hero to remove barrier and armor then finish with vor’kan

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I started with the idea of Summoner and Gar’Nok as my last 2. I love summons for tower events, and these two have an amusing quirk…

As they are both orcs that use red mana, they qualify for 3 team bonuses, all of which heavily benefit attack. So, with 2 more red orcs (consider Orc, Cyclops, Fel’Dras, Orc Veteren, Ogryn), you can get +~20 attack for your whole team. Which applies to summons as well. Niiice.

This could be the first event that I’m not using hero or the event troop for. I could see builds that utilize either, and perhaps I’ll sub in Hope’s Crescent hero later on, but for now, I’ll just stick with the Red Wunz.


Sol’Zara works quite nicely later. She is able to remove barriers and even deal some lethal damage against high level towers.


There are many very solid Orc troops, it makes me kinda excited for Grosh-Nak Raid already! lol

Too bad the best choice for this invasion always include 3 key troops, so only one powerful card left to choose.

  • Vor’Korn - for that increasingly buffing attack to one-shot tower by skulls. And spell on blue tower.
  • Gar’Nok - for that sweet 50%mana startup for whole team, plus summon and lots of gem spawm!
  • Hero - with class that can start with 50% mana, Earth’s Fury would be the best weapon, but Hope’s Crescent would work too.

The choice for 4th troops are…

  • Cyclops - Earth’s Fury can seriously buff its attack, thus also adding more magic spell power.
  • Drake Rider - that splash damage is helpful for finishing off near-dead tower and remove Barrier, plus that Red conversion make Earth’s Fury a lot faster.
  • Fel’Dras - spell boosted by all overstuffed tower’s magic is very storng, plus a chance for summon.
  • Ogryn - could work in some case if you keep red gem flow in enough for triple damage, plus fire storm.
  • Sol’Zara - always do triple damage on higher level.
  • Bugbear - scaling with missing life can be surprisingly powerful.

Drake Rider in the early stages and Sol’Zara later. They both would get purple mana which is unused by the three main troops you listed.

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Just seen this thread and I’ve picked the same troops. So little to choose from with orcs

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My thoughts exactly. Later stages she will be very useful :+1:


I only have 1 Vor’Kan

Earth’s Fury

Is the team I’m currently using against 4 towers.

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I just got listerine and when the towers have shrapnel, his damage does skyrocket quite a bit. Plus I like how we have a few summoners to make meat shields.
I’m currently using:
Drake rider

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Played these yesterday:

+9 Mang

Very good team,no losses so far.