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Invasion Event (Centaur)

Hello to all Gems of War fans out there. This week invasion event is up and recently I started to record videos showing my teams I’m using at invasion and raid boss events at upper stages. I’m doing this especially to help my guild mates playing those, often very annoying, events maybe more successful. I thought maybe it’s a good idea to share this with other Gems of War players as well. So, here we go. Maybe it’s helpful for some of you out there.

This week I’m playing the last stage of the invasion event (centaur) with this team: Bear Banner, Herne, Mang (bard class), Herdmaster, Bul’Tauros

Quick summary of how to play this team:
At the beginning full focus on loading up mang + Herne. In best case cast with mang and directly at the next turn with Herne on one tower. Prioritize towers which do true damage first. Don’t cast with mang on a tower that is fully loaded, except you will kill it by casting mang only, because usually the tower will cast next turn and get a barrier. In this case better use mang after the tower got the barrier, mang will still remove the armor + increasing the attack of your hero and also removes the barrier (without doing damage) which is a bit like dispel the opponent. And after this you can cast with Herne on a now unprotected tower. Herdmaster is also very useful to get rid of a barrier of the enemies tower at the first spot because usually you will always explode a skull as well which does damage on the first opponent troop and of course he is great to get a good amount of mana for your whole team. Bul’Tauros can also be used to get rid of barriers but I recommend to use him if all or most of the enemies troops didn’t have an active barrier to unfold his complete damage. Especially if there are only one or two tower(s) left he can act as a finisher. Currently I use bard class (fully traited of course) that gives herdmaster and Bul’Tauros a nice stat boost each turn. Especially Bul’Tauros profits twice from it because increasing his life and magic at the same time. Archer class is viable as well because your hero will start with 50% mana and there is a little chance of a lethal skull attack.

As usual for invasion and raid boss at upper levels, you have to play really carefully beginning from the first turn and avoid AI can match skulls at all costs. Look carefully at the board and think about if AI can possibly match skulls after your move. Keep in mind that there is always a chance that new skulls are skyfalling. Better try to match gems far enough away (columns) of skulls to minimize the chance that AI can match new skyfalled skulls next turn. In many cases you even should match gems you didn’t need and get all the skulls by yourself of course.


My team this week is:

(Lantern banner)

This has been working great all week for myself and some guildmates :+1:


Same team as @mld-81 but I have the worldbreaker sitting in bottom in place of hero. It has been a fun week compared to wargares last time.

Artema is a very useful troop.


I bought invasion shop tier V and now I’m playing it with Orc’s Banner, Herne, Mang (archer class), Herne and Herdmaster and it’s much easier now. Check out my newest video…

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Yeah Centaurs are quite fun, imho the second most enjoyable ínvasion yet after Divines, going by how well the trooptype synergizes and plays.
Ironically in the week of Hero class revamp this event plays very well without fielding a Hero too.