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Invasion (Divinion Fields)

Hi everyone, it’s monday and monday mean new event! This time i think we got a better choice of troops. So let’s share some good team.

For this week i am using

Star Gazer


I am using Artema, Herne, Orions Herald and Hermaster. It is working well so far, at Stage 7 as of now.

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You can quickly win the early matches by choosing top troop to be… Sunbird! I mean… Bul’Tauros. :grin: 120+ split damge every cast with 12 mana is so awesome!

And Star Gazer is back to be MVP again after that divine Invasion. Attack-buffed Siegebreaker is such a powerful force.


Her master
Astral Spirit

This week is more fun than last week imo, there is plenty decent teams choice

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I’m running Herne, Herdmaster, Dawnbringer(Bard), Artema. Jainus’ idea.

Worldbreaker is still tempting though, as is Star Gazer.

To be honest, I’m waiting for Herne’s random row to get me killed.


Better troop choices but same boring match over and over and over again! Invasion and raid both suck no matter what troops you can use.

Try Mang(Oracle class), Herne, Herdmaster, Worldbreaker. If you don’t have that mythic, try Vanguard on 2nd position, Herne on last.

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It’s working pretty well for me…

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Herne, Mang, Worldbreaker, Star Gazer for the 4 towers.

Early stages: Worldbreaker-Dragotaur-Anu’s Sceptre-Star Gazer

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Having good fun with Artema, Astral Spirit, Herne and Herdmaster. Best invasion for a while.

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Cleared Tier 4 with no losses with Herne (Legendary), Herdmaster, Mountain Crusher, Worldbreaker

If I bought Tier 7, I’d probably run Herne, Herdmaster, Mountain Crusher, Herne

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…So is the new weapon a must-buy?

currently? no
for after 3.5? maybe, but not because of its usefulness but because of kingdom power