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Invading in PvP glitch?

Is there some sort of a glitch in PvP? I always select the last most difficult opponent & at least 75% are from Whitehelm. Always Whitehelm…I have nightmares about Whitehelm. lol

Majority of people select Whitehelm as their home kingdom because it gives the most glory when collecting tributes. Now that home kingdom has no effect on traitstone aquisition the tribute is the driving force behind people’s decision.


Thanks collectorofgems

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@collectorofgems is correct that your choice of home kingdom has no effect on traitstone acquisition, but now in PvP you receive traitstones from the kingdom you are invading. Thus I have thousands of yellow traitstones of all types, while being short on almost everything else, because almost everyone picks Whitehelm for the glory bonus.


Join the crowd of people being irritated about Whitehelm and yellow traitstones…

Hopefully they change the system a bit. Home Kingdom used to mean something.