Introduce Yourself! For everyone!

This forum is for players on all consoles to introduce themselves. No need to be shy the Forums is like family no one will bully or make fun of your introduction. Even @admins may introduce themselves.


I’m Juan (click my bio for full name). I draw, and I do a whole lot of other stuff. I’m from New York City and let’s see what else… I enjoy playing Gems of War (even tho it’s acting up). Trying to enjoy life and not take things too seriously, life is short man so enjoy it.


PS: Not on Switch but I wanted to introduce myself, seems fun :+1:

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I’m K-9 at least thats what everyone calls me but I also go by NightmareHunterWolf. @K9DarkHeavenWolf is my old account not used anymore.
I’m a 22 yr old female,white(no I’m just doing this cause I’m into LE).
I’m mentally a 10 yr old :rofl:
Am I disabled?: Yes, I’m Autistic:Autism-2 is my diagnosis. I also have ADD,Bipolar depression,Major Depressive disorder,Anxiety disorder, and Psychosis disorder.
Do I game?: Yes, I love gaming sooo much. I’m on my nintendo switch lite 24/7 playing gems of war,Apex Legends,Fortnite(I’m LtRangerWolf),Warframe,MK11,Ark:Survival Evolved, Legend of Zelda:Breath of the wild.
Do I still have toys?: Yes, I have stuffed animals I sleep with. Cool thing: I have a German Shepherd stuffed MY DOG toy that is a service dog in my lap Right as I’m typing this up. His name is Maverick named after the Dallas Mavs basketball team. He goes everywhere with me, He actually helps me in public as comforting and Doing deep pressure therapy for me. He even has his own vest he wears.
Where am I during weekdays?: Well since I’m a 2019 Graduate I go to a Dayhab called Alturistic here in Tx. Its a daycare for adults with special needs. What do I do there?: Well I go on field trips and do activitys.
Do I drive?: No, I can’t drive.
Do I have any siblings?: Yes, I have 2 sisters counting the dog.
What breed is my dog?: She’s a dark chocolate boxer/english lab mix.
Why is there no screenshots in my post?: Well, I have parental controls cause my mom doesn’t trust me chatting with others. Plus it doesn’t let me post pictures.


Cool. I’m a cat man, dogs are cool. I want a lion but can’t have one. I’m a Knicks fan, more from the Patrick Ewing days.

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Cool I just started liking the NBA. Also I wanted a dragon as a pet but They’re not real.

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