Introduce my deck


Kingdom : Divinion Field
Banner : Adana


er, what exactly would you like to tell us? :smile:


Explosions + The Silent One are still pretty overpowered. I’ve been using Carnex + TSO as my main team for many months now.
I would suggest putting orion down the bottom of the list. The Silent One really needs to be online as soon as possible to get max value out of him.


just sample decks with orion :smile:



Silent One is OUT then Add Raven
Raven will last Hit


I don’t like Orion overall. At least he got buffed this patch but he still feels way to inconcistent.


Well Recommend this deck


Am not a big fan of that one, pretty low damage overall, only two troops with direct damage. When playing an exploder + a support, i recommend a high damage troops that can make up for the lack of the others. (Paladin, Sheggra, KoS, Shadow Hunter) This is the comp I’ve been playing lately, is a 3-4 min comp, can be overwhelmed easily by TSO but you can also reck him easily with a single cast of the Paladin. I can obviusly see your point on both of your comps and if you like’em that way am none to say its bad. :stuck_out_tongue:


im Played @Serale deck
wow Great!! and Strong and Fast

So paladin Need to nurf :smile:


I’m glad you like it.


Paladin + Alastair has always been one of the most accessible power combos in the game, honestly. I’m glad it still exists, so that new players don’t have to max out a bunch of legendary troops before being effective.


our guild tell this deck to new user
we called goblin Newbee deck :smile:


It really is the deck I had when I first start playing! :joy:


You also were an ugly orc vicking? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hardly loose with these decks.
Offence Weapon Skull Blade



No, but I do was an Orc vicking! The ugly part is a lie, bi**h am fabulous.


it hurts but i still run that line up except switch luther and spark grinder