Introduce automatic income collector

An automatic income collector would be really helpful to me.

I am willing to pay 5 till 15 euro for it.

I was thinking about this because my guild has quite a low member count and to compensate the low members i always buy quiet a few of tiers in the events and try to maximize the event points, but in order to do this i need to set a timer every hour to collect my income, just to be able to do the same thing next week.

An automatic income collector would be quiet handy, i am even interested if it was capped at the max income of 8 or 12 hours.

Hopefully more members will agree with me.

And if it was introduced you will need to see what you collected in the hours.

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Never happen. If you aren’t on the game each hour you’ll never see the popups and offers, which means less income for 505.


i would be even happy with a collector that goes up to 4 hours of collecting (basic) that is for lifetime usage with the option of the elite upgrade that is for limited time (like a month or so) that collect every income without a cap.

Let’s have a look at the numbers, yes?

In direct shop purchases, the price per gem is about 6,7-10 Cent depending on package size. Let’s be generous and even lower it to 5 Cent assumed value.
As a mid- to endgamer, your hourly income is at least 20 gems per hourly pickup on average; likely higher than that, but again, let’s keep going with low numbers.

One DAY of automatic pickups would therefor be worth 20x0,05x24 Dollar in gems alone (plus gold, souls, honour and keys, which, although mass ware for endgamers, still have a value).

24 Dollar per day.

And you want a full month for 20 Dollar.

Let’s talk again, when you are willing to pay ten times that amount (or twenty to hundred for your lifetime pass).
And yes, I know those prices are extremely inflated, but that is what the company behind the game considers the items to be worth.

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People buy stuff for the vip level, not the stuff they actually buy.

Now you get hourly income for free, i am willing to pay money to lengthen the period.

I buy event tiers, and not in a 100 years i would ever pay 100 dollars for a few K of gems so that i could play 2 week with increased sigils.

So in that sense you cannot count with the calculation that you presented.

Again people buy stuff for the vip level and the stuff is just a extra, in my opinion.

I… buy the Campaign Pass and Kingdom Pass for those things themselves and not for any VIP level gains. I never consider VIP level when purchasing what I do in this game.


Campaign pass or kingdom pass you get actually stuff for a good price and i can understand that people buy this without considering any vip level gains.

But when we talk about 1500 gems for 100 dollars, i dont think any person would buy it for the gems alone because what actually matters with that purchase is the 500 vip points you get from it.

But anyway all the above becomes off-topic and based on my thought.

Again an automatic income collector would be really helpfull to me and i hope more people can agree with me, because i would immediately buy this feature.

Yes, you would, a lot of people would. It would be awesome and one of the best things… for players.

Not for the company.

They are desperate if they need to give compensation gems for some mess up they made, imagine giving the opportunity to give gems for a way below price? They need to think about profit. This is not profit, unless the price compensates for them. Then it won’t compensate for the players. That’s why we have a lot of pets, weapons and stuff that only those who payed before can have. No one else can.

For me, if this mechanic works for gold, it would be awesome. For gems? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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i want ACTUAL auto play. i would even pay for it.

Yeah me too, why cant gems of war be an idle game?

Well it don’t have to be actual auto play, but an optional option that you don’t need to click the button ‘‘cast’’ every time to attack the enemy troop would improve gameplay greatly.

Just a one time click on the troop that you want to cast with and if the spell is automatic for instance scatter then immediate attack or if you need to choose a specific enemy troop for the spell then 2 time click mechanism 1 click on your troop and then the enemy.

Your logic is not really understandable.

You are saying the company is desperate, and will not give away gems below asking price?

I collect every hour income which will built up my gems so i can participate in events, which is for free, so they give already gems below asking price…

I only ask for an automated income collector with a cap on the hours so i just don’t need to start up this game every hour.

They made a mess. They launch new mechanics with many flaws without proper testing. They admit they made mistakes. If you quantify, the compensation would be like 100, 200, 500 gems…
“No! That’s too much. If we give that amount to everyone it will break the game economy… we can, with some effort, give 50 gems”. That’s the standard amount.

If you log every hour, it’s good for them. There will be a pop up offering stuff every hour you log. (you = any player). If you get some automatic mechanic. You’ll only see one pop up. It’s like adds on cable or any tv show. They need to offer a lot. Every gem is a cost for them. Even if, making the math, the gems would be yours anyway, it’s not for their benefit. It’s capitalism. Even with a cap for 2, 4, 6 hours, they need to benefit.

I can be totally wrong, and won’t bother me. But, as I said before, I wouldn’t have much hope. So many QoL requests that went for further studies and never saw the light.

Fair enough, i have a different opinion on the topic.

People that want to buy gems will be buying gems, also with an automatic income collector with a cap for whatever hours.

It is not that you log in once a week and collect all the stuff, even with this mechanic you still need to log in a few times a day.

And with that just little bit of extra gems people will play more = increased playtime

Its a win win imo