Intrim Recruitment Page

Welcome to the Intrim recruitment page. Intrim is one of the oldest guild family in the game. We have many amazing accomplishments such as multiple Guild War and Tower of Doom wins as a guild. Individually. Our members have three of the 16 players who have all classes to 100 and three different players in the top 10 for fully traited weapons. But more than achievements what speaks best to Intrim is how long players tend to stay with us. Our top 20 players in Intrim AVERAGE over 500 days in our guild and we have many long term Intrim members in our lower guilds. The GM of Intrim 2 has been a GM for over two years with Intrim. Players stick with us because we support and encourage each other in this game we like to play. Many of our veterans also enjoy helping newer players with advice and coaching and all of the Intrim family can get assistance from our veterans.

join our discord server @
contact our GMs on LINE:
Saluki-LINE ID: Salukij
OnTheCan-LINE ID: OnTheCan
Sarah-LINE ID: Btchyprncss
BARBELiTH-LINE ID: barbelith33
KillerBM-LINE ID: ookillerbm
Ski-Cheetah-LINE ID: skisniper


I totally dig that recruitment page :smiley: I’m yet another Intrim that’s been in for years because it has been a wonderful guild to game with.

we are currently looking for an endgame player or Intrim I, main focus being ability to perform well in guild wars bracket 1 (scores in the 50k+)

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Which member are we sacrificing prior to GWs this month?

Intrim II is looking for new long term members and Intrim I could still use a few endgame bracket one players as well!

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Next week Intrim might have another cash prize across our guilds… just saying join now!

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Intrim I, II and IV are all recruiting if anyone is looking for a great guild family to be a part of!

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Intrim has room for players of all levels! especially looking to fill some spots in our top 3 guilds.

we have lots of room for new players all the way up the ladder!

heya folks, Intrim has an open spot as well as Intrim II and lots of room for new players in Intrim VI!