Intrim III: Recruiting early game and brand new players!

Good eveining folks -

We’ve finally created an entry level guild as part of the Intrim family to join the 7th and 2nd ranked guild on PC. The guild is ranked 18597th and looking up right now at every other guild in the game. Be part of the climb!

Intrim III or I3 for short has no gold, no trophy, no seals, and no GW minimum requirements.

We are looking for players who are active daily and who will join us on Line, our most used chat app.

This is a guild for early game or brand new players starting out, looking for some friendly faces and advice from some of the best players in the game. It is also a welcoming space to veteran players who are looking for a break from essentially any and all reqs. Some of our I1 and I2 members have made their way there already.

If you are looking for a new home, with no pressure, but a chance to rub elbows with members from two of the top seven guilds in the game, reply to this thread, send me or @Saluki a PM, or look for Perrin recruiting on Global.

Happy Gemming everyone,


Great idea! Best of luck to your new I3 guildies! :wink:

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Nice idea for a guild! Good luck with it.


@Merxian I would like to join if there is still and open space. Invite Code: HIKEN

Hi Hiken -

I have sent you an invite.

Once you install Line, add me as friend (MerXian) and I will invite you to our chat group.

Welcome aboard!

Quick update

Now 10 members, a mix of I1 and I2 members, early game players looking for a friendly but casual place and brand new players just starting out.

Come and join the Intrim 3 experience. No gold, no trophy, no seals, and no GW min requirements. We ask only for daily activity and joining our Line channel.

Hop on board by leaving your invite code here or PM myself or @Saluki

Choo choo,

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