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Intouchables rank 99 is looking for a fusion

Hi all,

There have always been people stopping the game, but thus far there was always someone to take their place. Recently, we didn’t have that chance and we are down to 19 active members with varied levels and activity.

So, we are looking for another guild with a lower rank to complete our rank (and thus benefitting our 100+ statues). Since we like to help new players we don’t have any requirement other than being active (remember to redeem seals).

Have a nice day,

Even with reduced players, we still complete 3 tasks per week. Our guild is nearing the 400,000 trophies. All statues are level 119 or higher. We have several players over 1000 who have been in this guild for a couple years, but we keep our requirements simple. Play. Collect Seals.

We are willing to recruit individuals or a whole guild (currently 10 slots available)

We are exactly at the same point. 397k trophies, purple statue 119 and others above. Usually, 3 tasks completed per week. The only issue is we are currently 17 active members and it kinda bother me to leave some people behind. I’ll transmit the offer on the guild channel to have the opinion of my guildmates.

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We have a number of spots in TUF: Power Gems. We already do all tasks and did our fist legendary last week with 24 people. We also have some spots in TUF: Purgatory that’ll be opening up and I believe some in TUF: Abaddon also.

#5 TUF: Unrepentant - 500k/1000s/300t GW required
#46 TUF: Abaddon - 250k/1000s/150t
#58 TUF: Power Gems- 250k/1000s/150t GW required
#90ish TUF: Purgatory - 150k/650s (level 300+) or 1000s (under 300 or kingdoms not at 10)

Except for a few statues in Purgatory, all statues are over 100. We have guilds for a variety of activity and GW preference. There’s also a vacation guild which is useful during the holidays.

We may consider splitting our members so that everybody find a place (and keep groups of people who want to play together in the same guild).
Could you mention the number of seats available in the different guilds ?
Between both TUF and BiteMe guild, we may be able to give everybody a new home.

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How many people need a home? We can probably take at least 8. We can put everyone in the Harry Potter sorting hat, among all the options. Bite Me said 10, so that’s 18 right there. :slight_smile:

All the guilds of TUF talk together. We have weekly swaps when people switch between guilds after reset and split between guilds based on how we feel about Guild Wars, our activity level and developmental stage. So even split among TUF that’s still playing together.

It might be easier to get the leaders of our three groups together on discord and make a group chat to talk about options @Ally @BiteMe. If I’m not around talk to Kaheradin or others on the admin team. It’s probably best to figure out before reset.

Sorry guys another guild came over and all our guilds are full. I’m sure you’ll find another taker if you haven’t already.

Alright, I’ll inform my guild about that change. We also have an offer from light army so we might still be able to find a place for every active.
Here is a recap of every member of the guild. Since it is an average, current contributions may be superior for long time players (before the inflation).


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I remember running into Tyler Durden quite a few times.

#27 Light Army is 14/30, so that sounds like a great plan. I’m always glad to see a top ranked guild in trouble get saved. It should be good for both of you.

I’ll tell you that when Power Gems joined TUF with a mostly empty guild, it was a great feeling reviving the guild and getting TUF: Power Gems full for the first time. It seemed so daunting and now we’ve done it.

I hope you have similar luck and thanks for making a top 50 guild stronger again.

Thanks, I hope we will find a way to merge guilds so that there will be no one left behind.

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I confirm that everyone could be accommodated in Light Army, provided they can make the reqs and are interested.
And that we are able to offer some slots for those who prefer a more relaxed guild in Bnon or in a friendly guild.

Presently only 2 guildmates gave me their choices. When, I’ll have all the answers I’ll send the invite codes and the destination guild they chose so we may proceed to transfers. This should be done before next monday. May you specify the requirement for Bnonymous and other friendly guild so I can relay them on the guildchat ?

Bnon : 100 t / 750 seals / 500 gold x lvl
The guild of our friend requires only 25 t and 25K gold.
Both guilds have a few slots.

I’ve transmitted the requirements. Just to be sure, do all those guilds have over 397k trophies and 119+ statues ?

No. Only Light Army. The other 2 are newly created. I would need to inquire about the statues.
The reqs of the second one are not constraining. Someone who is active will not get kicked even if they don’t make 25t / week.

In that case, we may proceed with the transfer in the other way to benefit Intouchables bonus if they prefer (unless guild names are important to them).

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Yes, it is possible too.
I sent you a PM for more détails.

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Here are the present choices of every guildmembers. They may be subject to change until sunday (17 dec) when all transfers will happen. Those who haven’t chosen will be merged with another lower tier guild.
Presently no guildmember has chosen BiteMe guild nor Final Fantasy.


No worries, Ally.

Final Fantasy still has four spaces we need to fill, just get in touch if anyone needs a home.

If someone can be interested and can meet our requirements, we have a spot available at Black Dragon