Insane GW battles - Share them

This morning for my fourth battle I went up against a team that I thought okay… we have a chance.

167 Rounds
45 Troops additional troops spawned (Between Dark Master and Sir Gwayne WHO ROCKS!!!)
3 different Wolf Knights to widdle down Kerberos

I FINALLY WON with a full compliment of team.

It was the Kerby/Forest Guardian both fully traited and both Mythics that really did this.

First - stop and think of how many magic points Kerb got to - and how many devours he did (he failed twice)
I stopped looking at the skill counters on him because of the fear factor. At one point he had 56 magic, 294 armor.

But the hardest part was getting through that Forest Guardian’s barriers on everyone.

At one point it was just Sir Gwayne and I thought for sure I would not get him to cast (I had him always ready to cast) which saved me, by getting two Wolf Knights and Queen Ysabelle. I decided to have her do one of her casts on Sir Gwayne to give him some more additional rounds.

At another point I almost pulled the ripcord and did a ‘Retreat’ but I just had to finish this, even though I was so tired of watching cascades and wargs and getting extra turns for the other side.

But I beat them

Not happy with just the meager points 829…for the level. But Sir Gwayne and then Dark Master at the end with thrall summoning saved me.

PS. We had been at it so long that at the end - the spinner just kept spinning and I was terrified that I would get a loss because I had to quit the app since the spinner would not stop after 2 minutes waiting.

But all was good.


Had an interesting Paragon fight for War 6 this week.

Knight Coronet
Queen Ysabelle
Queen Ysabelle
Queen Ysabelle

Having all troops gain 6 armour a turn is harder to whittle down that it seems o.o I had Garuda up to 43 damage on his spell before he succumbed to a QY cast. Ketras narrowly managed to pull be through though. This team might not be quiet as rough in a non-SwordCoast/Human week. But the sheer armour per turn from 3x QYs is a lot more than it seems.

I vsed 4x Queen Ysabelle with 2x Pharos the other day (not GW though), finally something too big to one-hit with Pharos lol…

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Yeah, same issue I had with Ketras, he can usually one hit most things in GW after a couple red matches… but not these QYs.