Ingots craftable from diamonds and traitstones

It would be nice to have ingots craftable for diamonds. I’m not sure what would be an appropriate cost there. How many ingots is worth a mythic?

After ingots have been out for two months, when most of the high-end players have fully upgraded weapons, level the playing by allowing crafting from traitstones. Feel free to suggest alternative crafting tables.

24 minors + 100 souls → common ingot
18 majors + 100 souls → rare ingot
12 runics + 100 souls → ultra-rare ingot
6 arcanes + 100 souls → epic ingot
3 celestials + 100 souls → legendary ingot

Here’s a spreadsheet. Make a copy and you can play with conversion rates and your costs in terms of legendaries:

For example, let’s say you had the following traitstones you could spare:
30,000 minors
18,000 majors
4,500 runics
2,100 arcanes
150 celestials

if you redeemed all of this gigantic hoard it’d cost 600,000 souls and net you 89.875 legendaries. That’s like 2 legendary weapons fully upgraded. It’d be expensive, but it’s a one time boost for the most part. So maybe the developers could more generous than this.

After further thought, the conversions for minors/majors/runics should be divisible by 6 so that it works easier, as one of each in the soul forge. Each week, the arcanes would be 6 random arcanes in the conversions. So it would spread out the conversion of arcanes and spread out redemption to make it more balanced. Even with hoard of the size above, at 21 weeks to hit every arcane, that’s almost 6 months to eat all the extra arcanes. That’s super balanced.


You threw in an extra hundred in the Celestials column there, big shoots.

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Fixed. It was copying the wrong column. Thanks.

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