Ingame info, where a troop or weapon can be found

Time to waste a few minutes on a suggestion again, that won’t reach anyone, who could implement it.

The number of ways, troops and weapons can be found, keeps growing. Chests, portals, event exclusive / vault and diamond eggs for the former, level rewards, recurring and unique event tiers, purchase-only for the latter, soulforge, campaign and kingdom paid passes for both… I bet, I still forgot something.

While those infos tend to be stored on external websites, it would be very helpful, if, just like with pets, there was an additional info sheet to them, that shows if and where they can be found. Would also help with the confusions about which tarot troops are released to the vault already.


Good suggestion, but perhaps too much to ask for. They can’t even add new tarrot cards in due time.

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I think Pets are the only collectible currently where you can set the list to “Unowned” and each one will mention how to acquire it.

Great idea, I am behind it 100%… But the devs would have to care about the fan base… But that won’t happen.