Infusion Libertalia (full now)

Currently full.

Infusion Libertalia (a.k.a fuse) is looking for players. We welcome any lvl players. We are hoping for interest in guild events, 1300 seals and 200 trophies a week. No gold requirements for newbies still working on leveling Kingdoms. We use LINE app for chatting. Sense of humor and ability to deal with immature adults and dirty jokes are kind of necessary :sweat_smile:

We are less than year old guild and thus still climbing through easy brackets in GW. We should be able to complete 40k seals and regular guild tasks. Come and check us out!

If interested in joining contact me or our mighty guild leader TheHulk on LINE chat. My LINE id is litlakatla and Hulk’s is Whitehulk08. I am European so if you want to join while us nice Europeans are sleeping pls contact Hulk :ok_hand: