[INFO IN COMMENTS, FIXED AS OF NEXT WEEK] Fleur de Leon not visible in collection

iOS 14 something

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Collect Fleur de Leon from Campaign reward.
Was expecting weapon to be visible in player collection.
What actually happens is that the weapon is not in the collection despite having been collected.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time when opening collection. Began after collecting campaign reward.

Steps to make it happen again
Open collection.

Steps to prevent this from happening
Have a proper QA team


Obligatory, “Did you try restarting?” check?

Going by the data files Fleur de Lion is only scheduled to become visible next week. They probably failed to account for Elite+ pass owners already able to reach this reward this week, it’s not the first time this happened.


Yep restarted twice. Serves me right for spending money :rage:


Same thing happened to the Nefertani weapons on Campaign 2.
They fixed a few days later.

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Same here on android… the fleur weapon is not in my collection and I cant use it

This will be automatically resolved next week, as the release date for the game is 2021-04-12 (see bottom of the screenshot):

Cheers, Gary.

I am not sure if it is acceptable by those who payed more $$$.

@Saltypatra @Kafka how many times the same bug will be introduced in campaign weapons and troops?


One of the main points of the Elite+ Plus is to get things sooner. If I paid and didn’t get my item sooner, yeah… I’d be requesting a chargeback from my credit card company.


If you like your account doing a chargeback is the worst thing you can do

Most people learn from their mistakes. The problem with this team are mistakes because of laziness.

That will never change. They just make excuses.

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So is the weapon completely unusable until this is fixed?

Can you use something you can’t find in your collection?

… In other words. Yes. If a player invested in Elite + Pass solely to use this weapon at this time they are unable to do so since the weapon isn’t actually available to them.

Dang, wondered if there was a workaround of some sort. That’s extremely unprofessional and a slap in the face to paying players. The fact that this has already happened before and was supposedly fix is annoying as well.

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Unfortunately… Yes. I do wish consumer laws would protect customers here.

Got an update for you all.

  • If you have purchased the Fleur de Leon you will have received it, but it’s not visible yet. (This is because it’s “official” release date was next week, and you’ve gotten it early because you’re ahead in the Campaign.
  • We are working on a fix right now so it should show up in the next few days. This fix should also ensure that future rewards work correctly.

I hope this information helps, thank you for making a bug report.


Fixed. Now showing in-game.
Owned for the Elite Plus Pass buyers.
Unowned for Elite Pass (until the 600 stars reach) and F2p players.