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Infinity Plus 2 is begging for your feedback

Infinity Plus 2 is begging for your feedback about Arachnaean Weaver not being in Event Chests last week for 4 days despite being advertised otherwise.

My interpretation is they want to know how many of you are going to stop paying (stop playing has no actionable impact here) until this matter is actually resolved. A half of Soulforge recipe discount for AW is just insufficient.

Mailing each player affected by THE BUG or unannounced game mechanic change a copy of Arachnaean Weaver is the best and most actionable solution. Whomever suggested Soul Forge recipe welcome to the Monkeys paw that is GoW.

I’m not looking for more ideas for redemption that they can twist and get wrong. I just want names and oaths to support your fellow players by not spending any money on Gems of War until actual compensation is provided.

TL:DR “Be a playa, not a paya”.


I won’t be spending any more money on Gems of War until the Arachnaean Weaver matter has a better resolution.


I get that you are upset, and I appreciate somebody that will not let something go when a developer is not treating an issue correctly, but your constant post about this is going to end up having a negative impact on any action. Why not just keep bumping one of your 3 or so other post about this and try to continue conversations in there instead of filling the front page with your same point?

I have not spent near as much as you on the game (I am VIP 10) but I already quietly, until now, decided to stop spending money on this game after the response on this. I am actually happy this happened so early into my spending because it saved me thousands on a game like this which I have spent in other games of this type. I am not going to support a game that treats its customers like this. I am going to continue to play, but all desire to spend money is gone. The same thing happened to me with AFK arena and I walked away from it over a year ago.

But…we really don’t need a daily new thread. Just follow up in your other threads…


The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

People will ignore one thread. Flooding the front page is harder to ignore.

I stopped paying when lycan cost me a faction assault run, back when it froze the game. They did give me my gems back, so my plan was to start paying again after a future non broken update. Hasn’t happened yet but I was still optimistic.

Now? I can’t justify it. I can’t spend money even if a future update is flawless and amazing. I didnt even spend event keys last week so I was not affected. But, there is no way I can spend money when the devs have now shown they will steal it.

Do right by the players devs.


One thread will not get anything done. Stick around for awhile and see. The people who speak up on these forums have gotten numerous changes. We aren’t exactly dealing with ethical, competent developers.


Does this mean I can’t buy the next $10 campaign pass? It’s the only thing I spend money on anymore in GoW.


No sir, you cannot, lol


The pass is available for 10 weeks. So hopefully the devs wise up before then.


I’m pleased that prominent players are speaking up about this and other issues.

The issue itself was annoying, having saved for weeks and used in the high hundreds of keys. The response to my request for return of keys was worse “Problem solved” “Thank you for your suggestions and feedback”. Incredibly poor. Why have support at all if it’s just going to close tickets with boilerplate nonsense.


Xpost closing here. Let your voice be heard.


It’s not just the issue itself, which I don’t really have a stake in, but @Kafka’s messaging surrounding this. The open contempt for the player base is astounding. The feeling is now mutual. :fu::fu:


I pledge to no longer spend money to support Gems of War untill such time that the company shows that it respects it supporters and does not lie to us or use bait and switch tactics to get more money from its player base …

The purse strings are closed…


I have been looking for other games this week. All were F2P but I spent over 100 USD anyway. It’s nice to spend money again on a game that won’t steal it.

I know that amount is nothing to IP2, but that is only what I spent in one week, let alone over months. I am only one person, versus how ever many also aren’t spending money.