Increasing magic for levels 16-20

There have been a number of people saying that legendaries don’t have quite the punch they used to. Now that every troop can get to level 20, the difference between max-level commons and max-level legendaries isn’t as extreme as it used to be.

What would happen if troops also got a bump to magic when they went beyond level 15? Say that legendary troops got +5 magic, epics got +4 (skipping the bonus at level 16), ultra-rares +3 (skipping levels 16 and 17), …, and commons a measly +1 once you finally got them to level 20.

Would this be enough to make legendary troops scary again? What other effects would this have on team building and the meta-game?

You can not update commons or legendary to level 20. Only mythical can be level 20.

All mythical are the same tier and should be of similar strength.

He’s saying the original rarity of the card. So, goblin once level 20, will only have an increase in 1 magic as a reward going to mythic… whereas cards like shadow dragon (legendaries) will get +5 15-20.

I believe this might be onto something, but wait until 1.09 drops we don’t know what’s in store yet. and i’d say at least a point at >legend and >Mythic for all cards, regardless.

I think a reinstating of legendary troop awesomeness has to be much more troop specific, seeing as there are still several amazing legendaries around, while others just feel lackluster.
A troop like Sheggra certainly doesn’t need another 5 skulls spawning, if anything it should be corrected in the other direction, while Jarl for example sure could use some more punch in his spell.
So i don’t think a general approach will suffice.

Even a Mythic Dire Wolf?? :open_mouth:

I thought I heard that gem spawners had their rates divorced from their magic level (see Webspinner and Goblin Shaman, for example). It’s news to me that Sheggra still creates gems/skulls based on her magic.

The goal of this (and I forgot to say this in the OP) was to think about what the minimum change would be that restores legendaries to their former glory. I agree that even with +5 magic Gar’Nok is still a crap-tier legendary. But maybe a crap-tier legendary at level 19 would be better than a common that’s been ascended to level 19, say.

I guess for most spawners that’s true, but Sheggra still spawns magic+2 reds.
And i absolutely understood what you were going for and i don’t disagree that something could be done, i just don’t think a static “buff” to all legendaries will be the right thing, as it could just put already great legendaries more ahead and might at the same time prove too small to bring the weakest legendaries back to glory.
Magic as a skill also has a very varying powerlevel for different troops.

Mythic Dire Wolves should rock!