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Increasing a cities tribute

How do you increase a cities tribute? Is there a point where the cities tribute cant be increased any further?

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You can increase tributes by getting more stars for your kingdoms. You increase star power by getting more troops for that kingdom, by leveling them and by getting their traits.

Click on a kingdom then hit the manage button. This will show you what comes with each star level.

Kingdom Score Point System:
Troops: 50 points each until 10 troops reached, then 10 points each
Traits: 25 points each until 30 traits reached, then 10 points each
Levels: 10 points each until 200 levels reached, then 2 points each

Most people start by focusing on the kingdoms that give extra magic then they move to attack kingdoms.


@Potter How do you increase them? Best way is to use souls and minor/major stones. Level common to 15, rare to 14, ultra rare to 13, etc. Use stones only if necessary to trait troops (either troops you will PLAY or troops that are common or rare).

Your first goal is to get the top Glory kingdoms to 3 gold stars. This can be done rather easily (few resources) and will pay a huge dividends over time by doubling the tribute and tribute chance received from hourly tributes. :slight_smile:


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Great comments here so I’ll just add my little flavor: The lower level a Troop is the fewer Souls it takes per level but you still only get the 10 points for the Kingdom Score. So taking a Troop up one level from Level 1 to Level 2 might be 10 Souls, but taking a Troop up one level from19 to 20 might be 800 Souls. This tidbit can help you decide how to go about getting those extra Kingdom Score Points when you’re low on resources.

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