Increased daily reward

Hey all! I like the idea of getting daily gold for logging in for 7 days straight but I would love to see it increased. By that I mean after you’ve logged in for 10 days straight you get 1000 gold, 15 days 1500, ect… maybe a cap at 30 days then for everyday you’ve played you get that 30th day bonus. I know we get gold from guild on top of the daily bonus but I thought this would be a cool idea. Any thoughts?


such changes need to be done very carefully

if the gold was getting too high i think it would hurt more then it would benefit:

  • any time you had to skip a day you would feel extremely frustrated,
  • also logging in daily would become something necessary and thus it would start to be perceived as a chore

for now Gems of War kept the relaxed atmosphere where you dont have to do anything daily, but you still can and have fun about it


7 day daily login working well because it has other purpouse to do than be a significant source of gold.

I think it’s really bad all around. The rewards aren’t t that great early on and then they become less good as you progress. It’s also the same thing every day after day 7 so there’s nothing to ever look forward to.

what about a prize circle spinning around, that way one can get some nice reward if one get lucky.


if its in a form of lottery ticket that i can spin some other time then sure :stuck_out_tongue:

dont really want something to keep me stuck for another minute before i can do what i wanted to do when logged in

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