Increase sliders size on mobile

Am I the only person who seems to rarely get the sliders on the right side of leaderboards and the guild roster/league pages to actually scroll in under 10 attempts on mobile?

Please consider changing these sliders to scrolling arrows like on the troops & weapons pages or widen them so they’re easier to hit the sweet spot. For whatever reason I have no trouble at all with the slider at the bottom of the banners page but all the right side ones are miserable to get to work consistently.

If it’s just me then just ignore this.


I use a conductive “pen” as it’s more precise, but actually increasing the size would be better :+1:

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I’d imagine a pen/stylus would work much better but I don’t have the convenience of carrying one around everywhere I go (and I’d lose them every couple days if I did go that route) :frowning_face:

I’ve survived 3+ years dealing with it but the other day was the first time I even thought to raise the suggestion.

I bought 10 of them for a pound off eBay, so if I lose one, no big deal :+1:

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That would make things very convenient for people with big fingers/small phones.

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It’s not just you, the same happens to me all the time!! :sweat_smile:

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