Increase of team power and troop skills (Noob question)

Hi to all !
I notice slow increase in power of teams and skills of troops.
What does it depend on?


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Hi, you have to upgrade the level and star rating of the kingdoms. Once they’re level ten, paid for by gold you get a bonus point for your troops, magic, hp, armour or attack depending on the kingdom. Then your can upgrade your troops with souls and traitstones and increase the star levels. Once you have 5* you you get another stat boost according to the kingdom. Karakoth for example gives a magic bonus.
Hope this helps.
Most people do magic kingdoms then attack. You can find out which bonus is attached to the kingdom by looking at the kingdom tab.
Karakoth, blighted lands, zhul’kari and darkstone are the magic ones that most work on doing first.

You could use this as a guide. It has everything you need to know in a graphic representation.

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You also get bonuses from your guild statues (tasks). So if you are seeing other teams with bigger stats then most likely is from their guild.

Thanks to all, who have answered above, for the valuable information ! :heart_eyes:

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