Increase amount

Good afternoon.

1- When you feed an animal by hand, it is very tiring to add food 1 unit at a time. Therefore, I would like to suggest making an addition right away for a full upgrade, or at least x10, x20 …
2- I would like to increase the one-time purchase in the underworld for the chaos shards. At least be able to open 50 portals costing 1000 chaos shards at a time.

Hope for understanding.


Try clicking the Maximum level button highlighted.

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if you look closer, i make point on FEED ANIMAL FROM HAND. It is true that exists max feed with special color food, and exactly my complains about, why no max buttom with white food?

Leveling pets always uses specific colour food, and then white food (if needed) to make up the balance. Specific colour food gives twice as much XP.

Is there a reason you wouldn’t want to use specific colour food?

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As you can see, if use only suitable color, would be unbalance. You can see it on screenshot from “Cairnso” Few hundreds of color food and over 7k of white…And the reason of low xp given, i dont understand,why no buttom of big amount of food posible givien… I ask it just to save time and ease of use.

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Just to be clear, you want a max button for white food because you don’t like the unbalanced numbers, or because you can’t use max white food when the specific colour food is finished? I don’t have any pets I can level right now to test this with, but I believe when the specific coloured food is finished, the max button in @Cairnso 's post will show just white food instead.

Keep in mind, unbalanced numbers happen all over with various resources - it’s just the nature of the game. There will always be bottlenecks with certain resources, but plenty of others.

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White food is replacement food, for when no “real” food is available (which is why it has only half the effect). It is meant to be a secondary ressource, so there is nothing wrong about having more of it.

You want a new button, because clicking four times (which is the most times, hand feed would possibly be required, if you are using the “next level” option too) is too much? I hope, your future suggestions get better than this.

It is another example that you use suitable color of food, only because it EASY to press only ONE BUTTON instead of adding one by one… If put away one button in color food, would it be still comfortable?