Incorrect work of Priest's unique ability (solved)

The description of third unique ability of priest says :
Divine Aura
All allies heal 2 points per turn.

I have opened all priest’s unique abilities with spheres, chose the priest class and went to pvp battle with my hero, sheggra, imperor liang and elemaugrim and there it turned our that only emperor Liang heals 2 points per turn.
Please fix that

I’m playing on my mobile - Android 9, EMUI 9.0.0.

Thank you

Keep in mind the troops have to take damage to life for them to heal. If they are already at max hp they wont gain more hp

Ah, noted. I didn’t know that… I thought it works like the hack n slash unique ability of warlord - you are getting attack over the one that you already have.
And when the troops have been damaged and start to receive these 2 points of healing each turn will it go eventually aver the top of the health points that they had from the start?

heal wont go past your max hp
however you can raise your max hp by using spells that give hp.

Noted, thank you