Incorrect Scouting

I’m getting incorrect scouting reports, it’s showing me one team, when I attack I’m facing an entirely different team (PVP). I’m on android and it’s not happening every battle, but it’s probably happened in 50% of them.

I also can not access Guild Wars, but their is a separate post for that, I will monitor that one.

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I suggest you start taking screenshots of your scouting reports so that you’ll have proof the team changed. As soon as I started looking for evidence that this was happening, the problem went away. It’s been something like 20 matches since the last time this happened, and 40 deleted (ultimately unneeded) screenshots.

(More seriously, this is happening to others as well.)

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Well, I had the same issue as you at first, did like 5 or 6 battles and it worked correctly. I did get it to repeat itself though, screenshot of the preview and the actual battle posted below. I will keep taking screenshots to try and capture more examples.



Same here.

Choose 3t




I had the same issue on Mobile as described in the last post before mine. Picture shows one troop, scouting shows a completely different team, and then the battle goes back to having the troop in the original picture.

Just seems to be scouting the wrong team of my opponent.

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Are people seeing this on PC as well as Mobile? or only Mobile?

It’s happened on me, mobile. I know other people also has this problem.

I’m seeing on iPhone.

Got the same problem , On PVP … iOS…

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Hey everyone, this issue should be fixed with the Unity update to mobile.

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Saw the same thing today on iOS.