Incorrect Login Rewards (July 4th)


We are attempting to liberate the rewards from the British at the moment, so please stand down as we wage war with the mail system.

In other words, we are aware that there is an issue with players not receiving their login rewards associated with the 4th of July calendar. We are currently investigating this issue and hope to have a solution in the next 48 hours.

There’s no need to contact support as they won’t be able to help you at this time. When we resolve the issue it will be resolved for everyone, so please leave it with us for now. :heart::heart::heart:

Thanks for your understanding everyone!

Daily rewards missing

I’ve only received the “7 day” calendar rewards for the last 2 days. Can’t check collected mail any further back. Didn’t get the July OR Independence Day rewards.


I didn´t get the July reward today,but got the 7 day and lil freedom event.


In case it helps, I got all 3 of the calendar rewards yesterday, but only the 7 day reward today.


Same here, only got the 7 day rewards.

At least it’s been addressed, I’d hate to miss those ingots this month.


I only got the 7 day login rewards


Do I need to create a ticket? Or are there plans to look at the server data and send out the rewards to players that were short changed (like me).

I know in the past you guys prefer players inundate @Cyrup with individual requests from every player that is aware how to create a request, as opposed to just sending them out. :wink:


Don’t send a ticket they are working on a fix as we speak


@Strat, I mentioned this earlier. :slight_smile:


And how is this OUR fault?





Swoosh of joke passing overhead…


Also worth mentioning is there were no seals in my daily login rewards yesterday or day before. (should have been 19 seals each day) but only got the glory reward related to pvp tier.


This also happened to me. My collected mail shows no seals awarded for the past three days.


Same with me no seals


We sent out compensation yesterday for the calendar rewards. I have passed on the information regarding seals. :slight_smile:


Thank you Salty