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Inconsistent "Gems" Displays (Pre Cast)

Sort of hard to describe without pics so…

This is Emperor Liang, showing no skulls or doomskulls:

This is Diviner, showing no skulls but showing doomskulls:

And this is the board:

I was just looking for a count of skulls on the board and discovered that it doesn’t show them, which makes sense since they can’t be selected by those troops. But why does Diviner show the Doomskull when Liang doesn’t? They were released at the exact same time, they should have the same code and everything …

I realize this isn’t the only case like this.


Clearly Diviner can convert doomskulls into yellow, but liang cant destroy doomskulls? :man_shrugging: Bit yeah it is weird.

But it’s also the same for alchemist, perhaps “transform any” troops are able to view doomskulls because they’re the most “recent” addition to the board, despite not actually being able to convert them.

Also: why are the colors in different orders?

Maybe because Diviner can generate Yellow Gems, so the game shows up these first?
It’s just a guess since Yellow is the only color out of place if we take Emperor Liang’s gems count as the standard.

Just some other examples:

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