Inconsistency in troop roles

Devs did a great job with assigning roles to almost 700 troops, I just want to ask about some specific cases.

  1. Obsidius is “Mage”. As we know, this role is about AoE damage, but Obsidius deals splash damage, maybe it has to be “Warrior” or “Striker”?

  2. An opposite example: Blade Dancer is “Warrior”, but it deals scatter damage, i.e. AoE as it is. It has to be “Mage”, has not it?

Thanks I’m sure it was no easy feat for our designers!

Without asking them directly about this (it’s still early here) but just by following the descriptions of the roles, I’d say Obsidius is a Mage because of the chance to hit a 2nd random enemy with splash damage, whereas Blade Dancer only does Scatter damage to the target you selected.

I’m sure there are quite a few Troops which may be looked at and re-roled (lololol see what I did there) in the future because they could easily fit into more than one category. ie. Black Beast - where to even start.

Oh, that’s why Infernus is a “Mage” too?

Blade Dancer does scatter damage, and it is not bound to a specific enemy (that’s why it’s called “scatter”). And Submerged enemies evade it, I think it’s enough to treat Blade Dancer as a “Mage”.

It’s not the only inconsistencies in roles, I believe. Just those which I stumbled upon.

Just took a look at Imps (from Primal): only 2 of them are marked as “Mages”, while they all do scatter damage. What the trick?..


Just a note:

When I think “AoE damage” in GoW I tend to think “hits every member of the opposing team without targeting”. For troops like Infernus and Obsidius, I just consider that “multiple targets”. Infernus is basically AoE by this definition, but once in a blue moon you’ll find he only hits 2 troops due to luck.

That’s mostly pedantic, but informational.