Incentive to put event kill troops on def

This week’s event, kill lots of undead. Wouldn’t it be nice if pvp Def teams had lots of undead? Maybe if Def teams got some bonus or extra Def loot people would put undead in Def teams instead of just doing to be nice.

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There’s Revenge and Rival bonus glory as extra bonus after having your undeads beaten back to the grave after a few times by the same people. But you only get those extras if you actually play the revenge battle…

Instant rewards for fielding weaks teams always sounds weird and sort of alien to me as far as PVP goes, and i’m not sure if it’s on the devs interest to make the events even easier/more rewarding if you just setup a team that is beaten hundreds of times while you are being rewarded hundreds of time for doing essentially nothing aside from assembling the said team in the first place…

So… that’s it.

But me being the kind soul I am, am ignoring my over 50% Def victory and putting a substandard team out to help my fellow players.

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I put an all Mech team oge on Sunday, and let people best the crap out of it all day.

I’m not going to let my numbers slide for an entire week, without some kind of incentive, though.

Even the rewards for defensive victories are… nearly unsubstantial… a consequence of balancing the penalties for losing on defense in the earlier days of this new PVP if i correctly recall…

But well, i’m not strongly against your propposal, i just think it’s not something interesting from the point of view that i mentioned: “Rewards for nothing(assembling an event team to be beaten)”…

Well, what if Def troop losses counted as kills for Def player? By using an undead Def team, it’d let you get the 250 undead kills easier.

It would still fall under the “Rewards for nothing(assembling an event team to be beaten)” category.

In theory the events appeals more for the newish players as usually the “hunted” troops get’s a boost on status as a form of reward for fielding these troops (as their collections are pretty small they can usually reap some benefits from those stronger troops), for veterans the tasks are usually just something breaking the monotony and maybe the “out of kindness” teams to help others finishing said tasks were a “happy accident” or maybe even intended as the devs know how our community operates.

I could understand and agree more with your suggestion if PVP could be a little more competitive, but since the “S.S Competition” boat sailed from our shores a long time ago, and sinked during a sharknado, i don’t see it happening. But as you don’t need to convince me, in particular, i’ll leave it at that so you and others can carry on with the discussion.

Currently, to get the event kill bonus requires grinding easy challenges with bombots. Boring.
I want people to want to include the event kill troop in their Def team.

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I agree with the general opinions above.

The “Bonus Event” like last weeks +5 Glory and this weeks +400 Gold should be tied to PvP wins, NOT exclusively Invades like it current is!

I would absolutely create a 1 week Defense team (all Yellow this week) if we had the +400 Gold reward tied to Defend wins.

Or even a Bonus tied to the opposite of the Event objective like “have an Undead defend team” and get x for each victory.

Lots and lots of possibilities for including “carrots” to mix things up.

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I just set a Khetar team with lots of Undead. Should be wrecked easy, enjoy.

I do have a question about “Defenders Gem Priority” as I’ve never used it. I recall reading others discussing the sliders as well.

Question: Is left on the slider high priory or is left low priority? Its completely vague on screen. Does anyone know for certain?

Left on the slider reduces priority (I experimented with this for a while using skulls and there is a noticable difference). They scale the gem now to help indicate (it gets smaller as you move left and larger as you move right), but it still isn’t really obvious.

I’ve also put up an undead defence team up, and last week I got terrible results with the mechanical defence which only improved slightly the last day or two when I got carnex traited fully. So to help you all this week my giant spider, double bone dragon and wight is there for the taking.

since it was added to pc/mobile we’ve been trying and mentioning that event system could more actively revard/encourage setting certain defenses if devs only wanted to implement it but so far with no success :sob:

maybe you console folks can convince the devs more successfully :laughing:

Possibly. We seem to have their ear over the “cheating” ai…

Hey @Strat, as posted by Stan, it is indeed left is lower priority and right is higher priority. This was a complaint in the previous version, so there is a feature added in the last update that it looks like has not been noticed. The size of the gem/skull increases and decreases in size depending on the priority position. As for what the sliders do, I would recommend giving slighter adjustments to them, rather than just min/maxing them out.

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I’ll do my best. :smiley:

I would use “burning man hours”…