In Virtue RECRUTING - RANK 18 / LEVEL 478 - 0 slots open 30/30 | UPDATED |

ΙN VIRTUE - Recruting


We have 3 slots available

All members are active.

DONATION GOLD : 150+ k per week - 100+ trophy per week - 800+ seals per week

join us for fun

write your INVITE CODE

If i don’t reply fast please forgive me :slight_smile:

what are your staue levels?
what value do you get your tasks up to each week?

interested. Do you guys max guild tasks?

invite code: DUMBLEDORE_3

Can contribute at least 400k gold/ 400+ trophies/ 1500 seals.

I’d love to join and can easily donate 150k+, Max seals and 200+ trophies weekly.

Invite Code: HORSE COSBY

I’m a very active player that wants to move to a more active guild. Current guild is rank 40 and has been good thus far.

Here is where I’m at right now:
Lvl 190
Deathknight armour
25/25 kingdoms
1 lvl 10 kingdom
4 lvl 7 kingdoms
20 lvl 6 kingdoms
All quest complete
All classes unlocked
4 classes maxed (250 victories)
Easily hit 1500 seals/week
Easily donate over 500k/week
Easily contribute over 200 trophies/week

I plan on having all kingdoms at lvl 10 within a week. I am currently trying to complete all challenges and max out all classes to have all the PvE completed.

Max purple and all others to lvl 9-10

we get purple task to max and all others to 9-10 but every week we talk what our members prefer.

Thanks for the response.
I send pm to 3 of you.
if something change i will post again.
Also today we will do a clean up so maybe we wull have more space.

3 slots are available now

I am 100 level, and can easy do requirement.
My invite code WARPO

Warpo have you left your guild?

we have 2 free slots

I’d be interested. Lvl 90+ but just started 2 weeks ago. Will have no issues meeting minimum donations (I purchased dragon armor). Very active in chat. While new here, I have been a part of top ranked guilds in other similar mobile games.

Invite Code: XUDDAM


ok Xuddam, leave your club and tell when you are ready

1 slot open

Leave it just now.

Send an invitation ^^

Guild Lv 471
Guardian Lv 86-88

150kG 800S 100T (it is just minimum. most of them contribute 300k+G)
Current our task goal is complete 1 color, lv 8 for others

(We know that it is too easy to archive.)

currently 1 slots available

1 slot available!