In search of a switch guild to call home

I’m a level 603 switch player and I’m looking for a friendly guild to call home.
My requirement’s I can hit is 1mil gold,500 to 1k seals,320 trophies(if I spend all my gems on faction assault). I’m a event driven player. I’m super active and will be getting a bigger switch for Christmas instead of my switch lite. I don’t loot (theres a rumor that K-9 loots guilds but thats wrong she doesn’t loot she sometimes has problems staying put in one guild) She will stay put this time if she can find the right place to call her home. She will put all her sigils into events and she’s even great with guild wars. Just trust her and she won’t let you down. plus she isn’t the old K-9 anymore She’s now Watching Naruto and has fallen in love with the elegant ninetales fox rn her username is TheFurryFoxPhoenix and you can find her in chat room 838.

@Mana_Surgeon hey let me know if a spot opens in the guild you are in please. I’m looking for a great guild to stay put in and never leave.

I think my PVP defense team just fended off THEFURRYFOXPHOENIX a bit earlier today…

I want to say you’re a whole magnitude above my activity level, given I generally only play 1-2 hours a day (e.g. just long enough to hit the “Kill 100 Troops” task) except … (checks Guild Roster page) … apparently I can hit 200-300k gold and all 2,000 seals per week. (I often forget to actually collect the Seals throughout the week, though)

Otherwise, my personal objective right now is leveling up all my Faction Hoards to 100 because (let’s be real) once you’ve completed all Kingdom questlines all that’s really left are the Factions and Events. (And, the Weekly Event troop is a super reliable source of Arcane Traitstones, especially when it’s base Epic like the upcoming Twinkleberry.)

I like running themed teams (especially Dragons, but more often Guild Guardians like Persistence, Cunning, Finesse) but I am not much for chat.

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yeah Ik. I redid my teams earlier. I mostly play once I get up maybe about 4 hours then I have to get on A9 due to having my own guild for racing cars. I’m at 40k gold right now in game. I can’t even access global cause of my parental controls so I can’t even talk to Roxie about something. She prob hates me rn just like Feedle. I’m not even going to say anything about that. @Stratelier I added persistence to maybe 2 of my teams.

Also I just joined your guild and probs going to stay there. Looks like a great guild. plus love the name. You like wings of fire. I’m more of a erin hunter’s warriors person hints my forum username.

Haha actually no, never read that, the guild name was instead inspired by Monster Hunter (specifically Iceborne’s “Hoarfrost Reach” region). I did put a bit of thinking into just what I wanted to name it before splitting from my random previous Guild and setting it up…

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Still cool. I tried monster hunter:Rise its hard as heck so it stays in its case. I’m staying put in your guild since the other person is loa (leave of absence). I’ll help as much as I can.

Grouping up online is a great way to learn, you might need Switch Online for that. I love MH:Rise.

Heh, I’ve been a MH player since MH4U so MH Rise was not hard for me (in fact, the added Wirebug moves often make it feel kind of “easy”).

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I’m not allowed. plus might get easier on my oled. Also been resting today. I actually started pokemon Violet.