In need of a quick PVP team

Hello, I’m a returning player and I would like a quick PvP team so I can grind up back to the game… Last I played TDS team was the team to go… Hit me with your suggestions (No mythic teams please, I don’t have those x) )

Yao Guai, Tai-Pan, Queen Titania.

You don’t actually need a fourth troop but having a hero with a brown/yellow weapon helps (Flammifer for preference). Particularly if you have the Sunspear class.

Go to pvp and cycle some teams and there you see the current meta favorites.

Depending what else comes with your TDS, it still may work (his 3rd trait got nerfed though). Also the old Goblin teams, from a year ago, still work.

The team I dislike most is:
Fire Bomb (you probably won’t have)
2x Lust (you probably won’t have ^^)
Your Hero with spawn weapon (like Jar of eyes [you probably won’t have] or Secrets of the Crypt [which you should have]).

There, no mythic.