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In-game News panels

Very small, simple request (to me, anyway :sweat_smile:).

Please utilise the in-game News panels more!

Small things like the temporary fix to Fireball and Heroism scrolls that removes their card from the rewards screen, would imo be perfect for this, with a [link] to the relevant forum post [“clicking this link will take you the official forums”].


  • Unlock and Doom (/whatever) scroll icons have been temporarily removed from the rewards screen until 5.2, to fix a bug. They still work, though! [Forum link]

  • Heart of Rage now available from Vault Keys! [To the Vault]

    • Precedent includes Seasonal Imps and new Leg/Mythic posts
  • Currently experiencing server/Cliffy errors, may affect GW – stay tuned. [Forum post]

    • I know there’s a little server status button, this feels more specific/detailed
  • "We’ve buffed/improved [this]! Check it out!

  • Other bugs/fixes that affect current gameplay or Events

I’d much prefer this to having confused guild members, basically. They might still be confused, but it could help a little.

I also think it would be a nice to way to chat to us and feel like we’re still connected, in-game, as a less personal option compared to mail messages, which are also a good option, imo.


The impression I have is that text translation isn’t a quick process for the devs. So while it would be easy(ish) to do for the English-speaking GoW community, what about those who speak Russian/Portuguese/Chinese/etc.?

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Ah! :man_facepalming: Very true. So easy to forget not everyone plays in English and there’s no such thing as translation fairies (i.e. it doesn’t just magically happen) :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.