Impure is recruiting PC and Mobil

We are a mid tier, harsh casual guild. We make 40k seals, and participate in GW. Our weekly requirements are: 1.200 seals, 50 trophies, gold = lvl*500, 15 GW battles. Perfect candidate: an adult with a sense of humor who uses discord
we are not a top high guild but all our members are playing every day for at least 4 hours so you will get also a lot out
we are on pc and mobil


You should say if you looking for console or pc

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thanks i forgot that we are on pc and mobil

and i forgot we are rank 266

…and we’re in bracket 8 in guild wars where we proudly lose all battles :wink:
Besides that, we try to be social in discord as much as possible without posting 1000 cat pictures. Guild is friendly to newer players, and most of our members contribute much more than minimums. We have 2 spots open at the moment.
Come to the impure side, we have muffins :cookie:

we make your dreams come true:smiley:

ARACHNOFONDLER - heute um 15:42 Uhr
Impure is recruiting!
We currently have 1-2 openings for more members. We are a friendly and laid-back guild! We fight hard and party harder! We’re a bunch of harsh casuals who enjoy collecting keys and yelling about RNG. If you’re an adult with a sense of (dark/dirty) humor, post below!


  • Level: 143
  • Rank: 251
  • 40k seals weekly
  • 4-6 Tasks completed weekly
  • Bracket 8 in Guild Wars


  • 18+ only
  • Discord (our main communication platform)
  • 1200 seals
  • 50 trophies
  • Gold req = player level x 500g (lvl500 = 250,000g)
  • 15 GW battles
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We will have 2 spots open on sunday (approximately 12 hours before weekly reset). If we won’t fulfill your dreams, maybe we can fulfill some nightmares :wink:

we need you guys to helping us finishing all tasks and get legendarys

We’ll have 2 spots open after weekly reset. If you’re interested or need more info, reply here, or send dm to me or wolfie.

We’re still waiting for one more person to join our harsh casual crazy bunch :slight_smile: