Improving disease?

Currently disease status effect halves mana collected.
It feels just way less powerful than silence and even less than mana draining.

What about adding :

  • Diseased troop suffer 10% more damage (from skulls, spells, traits, statuses, …)
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What about losing 1 mana per turn if the affected troop doesn’t gain any mana that turn?

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Some good ideas, especially as plague is totally crap, especially when you consider his mythic status. Or you could have an improved version of disease just for plague.
Plague Evolved. This would be like a mix of poison and disease but you’d lose one armour AND one health every turn.

or maybe reduce all stats?
atack/mana gain/magic by 20%?
or 10% and they can stack?

As I said during in the thread requesting that poison be looked at, what we really need here is some good synergies. Aside from “inflict random status” troops, right now we have troops ranging from absolute troops like Creeper and Sand Cobra to below average like Hellhound and things just kinda decent like Sunsail and Plague. There are no spells getting a boost ratio from it, no spells getting any kind of conditional secondary effect (aside from stuff that works with every status), only three troops with Virulence (one of which doesn’t even use disease) and one with Plague Touch (the aforementioned Creeper, who already diseases with it’s spell).

I don’t think anyone really wants every status effect to be as annoying as freeze, silence, or deathmark. Disease actually does hit you fairly hard at low level before you are surging every other turn, and fairly significantly reduces gains from things like explodes and destroys. Not every status needs to be equal in terms of its immediate effect and it is okay for the status effect itself to not be completely and immediately debilitating if it had some decent synergies and options for application.

Just as some examples, Plague’s spell could add the rider “and deal {magic} true damage if they are diseased”. There could be a troop with “and 30% chance to transform them into a level 12 Zombie if they are diseased”. We could have a troop that deals a small amount of random split true damage, and death marks all diseased enemies. We could have an enemy that conditionally transforms one color to another if an enemy is diseased.


I like the stat reduction idea.

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Honestly I think disease is great as it is.

The problem is that most of the troops that use it have way too low of a percentage to inflict it.

Rather than make it more powerful, just make it more prevalent and I think people would appreciate it more.

It could reduce the health/healing effects or just prevent those.


Answering my own post :slight_smile:

I had the opportunity to face a few Plague teams recently, and, in fact, I must admit, disease is pretty annoying.

So I will agree htismaqe and Mithran : give us more interaction with disease, please :slight_smile:

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