Improvement to Cheat Detection (and Consequent Bans)

Yes, I was waiting for just such an answer.
But I’m not banned. Just see the situation from a different angle. Really good people will leave, and cheaters will simply replace some cheats with others that are not yet tracked. Those who have had one account will not start from scratch. Those who lost 5 out of 10 characters will not notice the loss.

If they cheated, then I disagree that they are a really good person


the end doesn’t always justify the means…if you give in to cheaters, you already have lost


Not everyone can tolerate bullying. While the developers were inactive, the players defended themselves.

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If you don’t like the game or parts of it, you are always free to leave


Who is/was bullying anyone?

Not if you invested time and money here.

Paying money shouldn’t mean you are free to break the rules or get treated any differently


I am very happy the devs are continuing to clean up this game. There are far too many cheaters and this is a great start.


English is not my native language. Perhaps I do not catch the subtleties of the translation. I talked about the fact that some players could not tolerate the dominance of cheaters and began to fight with available means.

They only wanted justice then, just like you are now. This is just a question - what is justice for you?

And justice is done by cheating back in your opinion?

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I do not propose to cancel everything. But equally punishing the killer and the child who stole the food is a bad idea. Second chance. Just a second chance.

Let’s say I am walking down the street at night. I pass a shop and notice the door is open. Someone comes out with a stolen TV. Other people are in the shop and stealing TVs.

Justice is not achieved by me also stealing a TV. If I also walk in and steal a TV, I am not less of a criminal then the first person. I am not “the child that stole the food” compared to “a killer”. I was not “forced” to steal. I’m just a criminal that stole a TV.

Justice is giving the same punishment to everyone that did the same crime.


And what led to a situation in which everyone steals TVs? What if no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get a TV, because others steal them and the authorities do nothing? And if this situation is not only with TVs, but with a lot more things?

There is a difference between the instigators of bar fights and those who have to fight back.

Not just a real legal system is very complicated.

Cheating because others are cheating still makes you a cheater. This isn’t professional sports where livelihoods are dependent on success. It’s a video game and to think there’s any sort of justification to cheat in a video game is just asinine.
This is the “nice” version of the meme I wanted to post.


Christ. Devs aren’t going out of their way to ban people who are playing their game unless they have good reason to. They’ve got better things to do than effectively lose customers, paying or otherwise. I’m glad most people in here realize this. My only complaints would be that this wasn’t done sooner or in greater quantities (face it, we didn’t get them all yet).

Doing something dumb because you saw other people doing it makes you just as dumb as they are. I could use any of a hundred+ different analogies for that.

I will happily refer any doubters/whiners/whatever to my post in the script thread -


IIt was important for me to express my opinion, even without a chance for support. Just know - not everyone thinks the same way

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It really does not matter at all if others think the same way about it.

Cheating is against the ToS iirc. (havent read it in ages) If not, it is against 1 of the legal documents.

I could cheat and do my treasure hunts cause I know others do it, and I hate that mode (soooo tedious) but I decided I wont cheat, I will either use them myself if I really want to, or I wont play it.

Everyone else has the same choice for every single mode.

You can either cheat, Play it yourself, or not play it at all.

If you “have” to play a mode fro a guild, and you really do not want to, then leave and find a different guild. If there isnt a guild like that, make 1.

To think that you are entitled to cheat because someone else is, is just idiotic at best.


Yeah, cause you can only get loved ones to do treasure hunt for so long before even they won’t do it. :joy:

Don’t cheat people. It’s not a difficult concept.


I will say that I do still think it’s unfair that rewards (generally speaking) aren’t adjusted after cheating players are banned in leaderboard events.

Medals are awarded retroactively if this happens in the Olympics – the pinnacle of competitive sport, and an event about which the GemMakin’BobsledTeam is very passionate!