Impossible to get ascension orb on switch

nintendo switch last update

no screenshot since its overtime

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
its impossible to bet an ascension orb for me since december 2021 its trigering me, i got like maybe 100 orb since december and NONE of them where ascension orb, ive been playing for over 2 years and this never happened to me. i get at least 1 ascension orb a week and now nothing since about 4 months, impossible to upgrade anything or continuing grinding to get a doomed troop like zuul

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
everytime i get an orb, about 10 per week for 4 months or so

Steps to make it happen again
normal thing. just play and get my reward

again this week, 10 orb still no ascension orb since 5 months now, impossible to play, impossible to get better units

I made a post on reddit about this, and I tracked it with my guild…but

When I was one small blue orb away from Zuu…I stopped getting blue orbs. I know RNG is RNG, but it took over 2 months and 2 Vault events (using double ironhawk) before I finally got a single small blue orb (or large blue). When I finally got one I think I had near 300 green orbs and about 150 orange.

Of course we tend to have bias on RNG in cases like this, but I can’t even fathom the odds on that happening. Since then (this happened middle last year) orbs fall about the RNG average, and I am sitting on hundreds of blue, small and large.

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to say the game had some sort of lockdown to get me to spend money when I was that close to zuu…but again, could just be RNG which I can’t even imagine the odds of getting zero blue orbs in about 200 orbs…

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the rng is clearly manipulate. and the fact that no mods are answering is another proof. another 6 orbs today still nothing about 16 orbs this week and nothing


@KANNA-CHAN if you would like, you can send through a ticket to us in Support and we can confirm in your data, but there have been no changes to the drop rate of Orbs as well as nothing programmed in to prevent an account from receiving one specific type of resource over another to stop them being able to upgrade a Troop.

Orbs of Ascension do have the second-lowest chance to drop from a Chaos Orb though;

But as mentioned in the article, if something has a 1% chance of dropping it doesn’t mean that 1 is guaranteed for every 100 Orbs of Chaos you use.

hi after 5 months i actualy got one… almost like the game saw that i found out a scam… lmao

yeah i will go there thats not normal