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:gem_skull: IMPERVIOUS BASTERDS.[27/30] [3 SPOTS OPEN] Join the Basterds!


We are the Impervious Basterds and we are looking for new blood to join our ranks!
We are an active guild in the TOP 30
and not part of any of the “families” of guilds. You join our guild, you stay here, no one will ask you to join a lower guild here

If you want to join us, we offer you:

40K Seals (6th level guild chest)
All regular tasks, and usually Epic tasks.
Always finish all levels of Raid , and Invasion and max rewards in Tower of Doom
Great teammates
Super friendly and helpful in game chat
A very active Discord server

From our members we require (minimum):

Active participation in Guild Wars (30 battles a week)
Help with other weekly events (Raid, Invasion, etc)
1 Million gold (on Monday asap after reset)
200+ Trophies
1500 Seals (by Sunday Daily Login Time - 8am gmt+0)
Level 200+

If you want to join, please let me know here or via PM about your:

Invite Code
Amount of Seals you do weekly
Amount of Trophies you tend to do every week

You can also join in our Discord here

and ask me for an invite :smiley:

Thanks for your interest

Hoop (Impervious Basterds GM)


Where is your invite code? Is it your gamer tag?

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I am currently seeking a new guild. It seems me and 3 members are all that are active in my current guild.
I can do 1500 seals, 300 trophies, at level 310+, I do all my GW battles, +500K seems a lot for me currently but the last few weeks I have contributed close to that throughout the week…maybe more.

Yeah, it has to be easier. My current guild is +500 and I’m only pulling in about $500k a week, all my kingdoms are level 10 so I just use it all for the guild. Invite code CallMeSir!!

Still looking for 2 more

Hi, can I your guild again? In the last two months, I have to do lots of summer vacation jobs. Have no time to play. While I have finished it already, I want to go back badly. Name of GOW: FIRERING

Invite Code- Doordash Support_IXIZ
Amount of Seals you do weekly- Max (1500)
Amount of Trophies you tend to do every week-400 trophies, give or take, depending on what is required.

I will contribute any gold earned to any of the tasks requested of me. Very active player, just looking to give and get back from active people as well.

The tasks are easy for me. 100k gold, 400 trophy, daily guild war.

Still shows you in another guild

We could still use 1 more :smiley:

Firering, you ever find another guild?

Currently 1 more spot open.

Still have open slot? I have been in a dead guild I do 1500+ seals a week and do guild wars weekly. Not sure about trophies, I am currently level 200+.

Still have spot available.

Hi Hoop !
I’m french CARELIS 1, level 910, 1500 seals on friday, 100 K/day, but I never look for trophies . let me know if I can do the job!?

I sent you a message Carelis

Invite Code FIXER
Level 856
1500 Seals weekly
300+Trophies weekly


Still have 2 openings…

Yeah but has the Impervious bug been fixed yet?

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