This thread needs closed please

2 spots open

Still looking for 2 players

3 spots open. Grab 'em while you can!

Join us ! Still 3 spots open

one spot open!

Another opening or 2 still. Also we are the only guild that i know of with an official theme song. :smiley::metal: Written and performed by our GM.

3 spots available

one spot open!

Are you still lookig for? I meet all conditions.

We are still looking, but it says you are in another guild

One spot open!

Invite Code: EIKA
Level: 1261
Amount of Seals you do weekly: 1500 before Fridays.
Amount of Trophies you tend to do every week: Around 300-500 trophies.
Gold per week: 700k - 1mil
Ready to join: yes

Hey, I do want to join you. Please send me an invite! :slight_smile:

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Bumping! :wink: .

Gorilla bump!

Have a few spots open now. New GM, same great guild

Make requests for invite please message me. Tharson left guild, and is not answering pms

I’m in.
I generally do 800K+ gold
1500 trophies
Usually in the top 3 for guild war results 5/0 mostly
400+ trophies
lvl 1076

Invite code: skillsie

All further inquiries apply here.

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Thanks, should of done that already

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I just like to help when I can, your welcome.


My invit code is FREDO_12, i’m level 1117.

Your prerequis is not a problem for me, my last team is Tamriel.

1500 seals monday is ok
500 trophies ok