Imp of Love not finding any target

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Opponent team has full line up of 4 members. I used the Imp of Love ability, and received a message that it cannot find any target to Charm.
This also happens sometimes on 3 members teams as well.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Doesn’t happen all the time, but play about 10-15 games with the Imp of Love and you should be able to see this occurs at least once.

Imp of love not finding love?

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Or looking for love in all the wrong places?


So the Imp of Love gets an error when there is 4 troops available to hit?

When this occurs if you click/tap each card the pop up definitely shows the troop with Life?
(I just want to rule out the dead troops still appearing bug that could cause this).

Yes, they are all very much alive.
I understand that Lamia gets this feedback when there are no immediate targets in the adjacent slots, but in Imp’s case this occurs when they are in congruent line of 3 or 4, which makes no sense.

I’ll try to capture some pics as I PvP more this week. This problem occurs enough to appear several times daily.