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Imp of Love confusing spell

All imps have a similar spell and a very similar wording for it.
Here is Imp of Love:

Now, the +8 magic only applies if a troop dies from the damage part. You don’t get the bonus of a troop dies from the charm.
But the way it’s written, you’d think you’d get the bonus of a troop dies from any part of the spell.
Since the charm is usually the killer here, I feel some players will wonder why they don’t get the bonus.

Nice buff btw, Imps damage scales dangerously quick.

Mmmm… I believe he should get the magic even if the charm kills a troop.

That being said as players may have noticed, we have been slowly going through all the different Imps and reworking them to be more fun. We try the aim an do each imp rework as they become available in chests, so the Imp of Love should be next on our list.