Immovable troop

There are a lot of troops in the game that move the opponent’s troops around, and can be quite annoying.

Could we please get a troop (or maybe more than one) with a trait ‘immovable object’ that is not vulnerable to being moved in the troop order? I’m envisaging that other troops in the team could still be moved unless it directly affects this troop, in which case the move fails.

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There are some mechanics that do that currently. Silence is one, Not allowing a cast will prevent say ropedart from moving you around.

I know that wasn’t your request, and I know there are cases where due to battle requirements you may not have the option to use a troop with silence, but it is there and to be honest, they will most likely not add a redundant feature like that.

Well, you could also say that the feature is redundant because you can just kill the troop before it casts. Personally I don’t agree.


You solved your own problem. Kill the troop then you wouldn’t need a new mechanic.


That’s like shooting down skull damage reduction suggestion because you already have entangle. And entangle, because you have troops that remove attack. And removing attack, because you have troops that kill troops :joy:

Immovable could be an interesting mechanic. I don’t think it’s a needed one, but most of them are not needed. They’re just there to make things a little less boring. Or more annoying, depending on how you look at it.


Skull damage reduction, now that would be a fantastic request!

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This idea has been suggested on quite a few occasions since troops that could rearrange your team order became popular.

So far…

… nothing…

I would have been surprised if I was the first to suggest it. My guess is that the coding it tricky. But can’t hurt to flag it again

constant dropping wears away a stone

It’s rather something differant - every comunity idea needs to be evaluated by… let’s say production director, who needs to agree with it and say “let’s do it”, he might ask people who code “will it be difficult to code?” before saying “let’s do it” and if it’s too much work, decide:

“we could do it, but first we need to have X things done, once we’re done with that stuff, we can do it”

thing is, that X things might be a looong list, but again:

constant dropping wears away a stone

I’m curious how it would work for Dust Devil’s cast. Say immovable object is in 3rd slot. Does that mean we’d end up with:
2, 4, 3, 1
Or would immovable object prevent 4th from being moved and we get:
2, 1, 3, 4?

I’d assume the former but the latter is still a valid outcome if you consider moving 4th troop into 3rd slot blocked and thus invalid.

Personally I was envisaging that Dust Devil’s ability would fail as the immovable troop couldn’t move, whereas Trickster, for example, could still swap 1 and 4.

maybe a 3rd option:

no movement occurs, since 1 troop in immovable and as such, other droops cant be reordered because there are troops blocking their slot…

but if it was like this:

Cast would result with:

if #2 was immovable:
1,2,,4 => ,2,4,1

that trait could be stronger, so it wouldn’t be reshuffled while moving troops

But i think most realistic result would be:
troops with immovable cant be moved if it’s direct target of the spell, but still is being moved if that’s the effect of “shifting” your troops to make place for moved troop. in such scenario, Dust Devil cast would change troop order only if troop in 1st slot had that trait…

i guess this would be simplier to implement → you only check the target troop, for “immovable” trait/buff, not the whole enemy team…

I think if it literally only kept that one troop in place, rather than effectively blocking most (though not all as in that Trickster case) moves, it would be very little value

If that troop had barrier, or boosted/reduced skull damage, effect on skull damage or other self-boosting ability, it would be an amazing first slot troop. Can’t think of another benefit thought.

Going back to another example, which I think you answered. If King Minos (or other “shuffle team”) spell is cast, would nothing happen because it would try to affect immovable object?

I was imagining it combined with impervious and stoneskin as a strong first position tank, but once you’ve created the trait it would be good to have a range of troops with it. Other effects in the game have counters (silence, freeze, insta kill, transform, etc) but not change order. And there are 30+ troops that shift order around.

In the jumble scenario, I would personally like to see the new order ‘rolled’ and if the immovable troop is affected, it fails, but if they are not affected, it happens

If you have 1 immovable troop in your team, don’t you really have 2 or more? Hmm.