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I'm sick of fighting the same team – nay, OPPONENT! – in PvP

My standard preface is we don’t know the actual algorithm so anything we guess can be “wrong”.

But I think awryan is barking up the right tree. I’ve always felt like players are divided into “pools”. But the “pools” are smaller now, since other modes are more attractive than PvP in terms of rewards.

I myself feel like I just fight the same 8 people over and over.

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Got to add to the fact that especially for new players going through PvP. they have that 60% chance to fight lvl 1k+ players with their endgame team’s which is just rather silly so to speak.

It’s a close race
Pvp opponents vs people who watch the devs stream
They’re doing their best to make sure the latter wins :rofl:

while good in theory and it would force players to think of new teams there are only so many troops in GoW and with so many using meta teams beating one would stop a good chunk from appearing and could “break” the third pvp slot due to lack of opponents

I’m pretty sure you get offered people who are playing PvP at the same time as you. Hence, those of us in Australia see even less diversity than others – at least, that was the sense I used to get.


Further proof that the PvP pool is prearranged.

Angel joined GNR about 11 hours before weekly reset.


Part of the problem lies with the players themselves. There are probably many that never change their pvp defense.
I change mine every Monday and try to at least make it somewhat interesting to attack. Generally I go with troops from the race and kingdom of the week.
I am not saying pvp doesn’t need some things fixed but for the love it change your teams if you don’t already.


I used to set my defense team to give snot gems back when that was a thing.

Now, I just leave some Orcs up. Sticking to the script. And sending a Free hi5 to any unfortunates that lose to it.

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Ive linked this pic before, but here it is again. Match making is pretty broken.

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^ I think this is a prime example of how playing a lot of PvP jumps you back to the front of the defence queue for other players (as I know players like Layzee, Fvffar, etc. play a lot of PvP).

This is the main/first mechanism addressed in this post.

Julli’s original posting of this image (:heart_eyes:) (perhaps giving some indication of the time at which it occurred):

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You’re right to a degree.
Revenge matches and Rival matches place certain folks as ones you’ll see a lot.
It’s more profilerate lately due to the lack of players doing PvP as a whole. The devs solution for this is to not increase champion xp outside of PvP nor make pet rescues available outside of PvP.:roll_eyes:

They blame the changes in player rate due to Explore. When realistically there’s two other major factors.

  • Gold nerf for those who want easy matches
  • Epic Tasks (folks can’t afford to play PvP since they have to farm Explore to keep up with their old expectations to a degree.
  • Life and Death not being nerfed. (All they have to do is remove blessed from it.)

But instead of increasing gold to be the same amount as time in Explore. Instead of making pet gnomes the only ones you can find in PvP (at a 1:30 drop rate).
Or ever putting more than 10 seconds of thought into weapon upgrades…
They instead want to rework PvP completely and hope the changes will bring folks back to playing PvP. 🤦


If you get tired of fighting the same opponents on pc/mobile, you could always create alts for xbox/ps4. Unfortunately there are a lot of L&D teams there as well. I can’t speak for Switch…

Join the Horde, or be crushed by it. New friends await your arrival. :blush::+1:

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I do agree that , there is problem in pvp . I have seen the same name thousand times in a week . There is least 3 thousand players and more in a week


I think I have a new Rival…as you can see, I’ve only fought two battles this week:

The Idle One is my next 3 trophy opponent, so I’m hesitant to fight him. Don’t want to ruin my current Seven (7) game win streak just yet.

But I have a new Rival:


I’ve heard of fighting the same opponent again and again, but out of 6 defenses, this guy fights me 4 of them? If I am in the PvP Pool to be attacked, I would think everybody could attack me. Maybe the rest are fearful of my Orc/Thief w/ Doom Xbow/Drake Rider/Gar’Nok defenders.

Soon I shall have my revenge. If I ever get the courage to face Idle first, that is. Actually, I have the courage. I’m just waiting on more Hi5s to send my Rivals. Only two per day, they go quick.

Edit: Maybe I am just a 2 trophy opponent? Me? Chunky Mono? I will need time to reflect upon this.


That person may be fighting you in casual pvp. The reoccurrence rate is astronomical there. You can fight the same person 6 or 8 times in 15 minutes.


I don’t thinking Casual PvP battles show up in your opponent’s Battle Log – each of those battles has a PvP Score change associated with them, and iirc CPvP has no effect on PvP Score.

I definitely agree with the rest of what you said, though!!

(See my video in the “PvP Diversity Issues” thread:

where I fight Bernice 13 or so times in that kind of time frame by pressing refresh a couple of times after each battle.)


Casual PvP exploitz! jk

My Teamscore was 14,185. Probably Tier 2 trophy range. Gave Gar’Nok Bronze medal and upgraded Drake Rider from Bronze to Silver, and stayed at same Teamscore.

Rival was in different Bracket last GW…I guess not enough players fighting 2 Trophy battles this week.

Can anyone tell will there be any changes in matchmaking? It’s really distressing to have the same opponent over and over every third/fourth match?

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I believe there is a PvP rework on the roadmap. But not imminent. Assume you’ll have to live with this for quite a while longer.

After th 5.0 release it became even more painful - 3 times in 15 minutes i was fighting the same opponent, it makes every 3rd or 2nd fight with the same person. Disgusting. @Saltypatra any feedback?